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A new gourmet experience

Our Crunchy Mushroom Chips are bursting with umami flavors.  A tasty and natural snack you can enjoy straight out of the bag.

Made with whole organic Shiitake, gently cooked into the perfect snack.


Get crunchy

Whole crunchy Shiitake sprinkled with yummy seasonings. These three delicious flavours will have you ask for more: Wasabi, Salt & Pepper and Chili Pepper. We're sure that you'll like one of them, if not all 3!

Why do we love


Because they are bursting with umami taste, nutritious and sustainable.

We believe that mushrooms are the food of the future and harness the power of Shiitake by crafting a snack that is minimally processed, naturally nutritious, and delicious.


Minimally processed




Free from gluten

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