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Want to try something completely different? Delicious and crunchy - Forestly Shiitake Mushroom Chips are full of umami flavors. A tasty and natural treat for all snack lovers! 


  • Extra crunchy
  • Made from whole shiitake mushrooms
  • Vegan, gluten free
  • No additives, only natural ingredients
  • Up to 60% less fat than in conventional potato chips
  • Over 20g fiber per 100g


For our delicious shiitake mushroom chips, organically grown shiitakes are gently cooked and then basked with delicious seasonings. Not only a great snack for in between, in the office or on the sofa, but also as a topping for salads or soups. Forestly Shiitake Mushroom Chips are vegan, all natural, gluten-free and free from preservatives. Discover all three of our flavors: Salt and Pepper, Wasabi and Chili Pepper.

Crunchy Mushroom Chips - Salt & Pepper

SKU: 0003
CHF 4.95Price
  • Shiitake, Umami, Chili

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